Ethiopian Harrar Abebe Natural
12 oz. – Whole Bean


Ethiopian Harrar Abebe has a smoky, clove-like aroma which is reflected in the cup profile as a smoky/peaty element.  The cup is winey and fruity with a pleasant earthy, wild quality, hints of blueberry and a medium body and medium acidity. Medium Roast Level.



Ethiopia is the birth place of coffee which grows wild in many regions of the country.  The Harrar Abebe Natural coffee is offered in an area of Ethiopia where New Covenant Foundation is at work. New Covenant Foundation has ministered the gospel to people in over 400 Ethiopian Communities.  The ministry in the Harrar region focuses on supporting indigenous church planters who are involved in preaching the gospel, the discipleship of new believers and in church planting.  In addition, they lend support to Ethiopian led community health education.



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12 oz. – Whole Bean