Mexican Oaxaca Zapoteca (Organic)
12 oz. – Whole Bean


Roasted Medium Dark, the flavor profile is of a medium-bodied coffee with layers of milk chocolate, sweet fruit, dry walnut and a caramel finish.  It works exceptionally well as a single origin espresso and as a french press. This missional trade coffee is grown in the High Sierra Madre region of Oaxaca, Mexico. It is certified organic and available in limited amounts.


Farmers in this region have formed a cooperative and now operate their own pulping station. A local mill prepares the beans for shipping. Purchases of this coffee through direct trade help to provide seedlings for these growers, who are overcoming crop loss to the Roya disease.

Through long-term commitment, importers in this region are developing partnerships with Christians in this region to address the spiritual and community needs of these farmers and their families. New Geneva Roasters is excited to be part of the effort as your purchases go toward the advancement of God’s kingdom in serving our neighbors.


  1. M Warkentin (verified owner)

    Very true to description and a solid coffee!
    We tried three of New Geneva’s coffees (Mexican, Honduras and Papua New Guinea), and of the three, found this to be the sweetest (but a little too sweet for us).
    Like the other three coffees we tried, it has a great taste overall; low acidity, and keeps its bold coffee taste when mixed with milk or blended.

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